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Trusted Telemarketing Partner for B2B Success in Australia & New Zealand

Forrest Marketing Group has been the leading telemarketing service provider, helping businesses in Australia and New Zealand achieve their sales targets since 2006. We support sales and marketing teams by promoting their brand, connecting with their prospects and generating sales leads.

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Benefits of Our Telemarketing Services:


Find New Prospects

Telemarketing can provide a competitive advantage to your business by reaching your customers before your competitors do. Our agents can help you target specifically those customers that require your product or services.


Interactive and Personal

Our telemarketing and telesales agents are experts in having engaging conversations with customers. The personal touch can help to build trust and rapport with your customers.


Generate Leads and Appointment

We have trained specialists to help generate high-quality leads for your business. Telesales agents can promptly reply to customer queries and responses and our telemarketers can help schedule appointments for potential clients, making it easier for your sales team to close deals.


Boost Sales and Brand Awareness

Our partnership with your business means increased brand visibility and recognition among your specific target groups. Telemarketing can also help with customer retention, further maximising your profits.

Why Choose FMG for B2B Telemarketing and Telesales?

Forrest Marketing Group has been helping businesses across various industries since 2006. Every week, we uncover an extensive pool of highly qualified sales leads, creating significant opportunities for our clients to gain new business worth millions of dollars annually. Our agents are dedicated to building rapport with your prospects and clients to uncover new sales opportunities.

Our Telemarketing and Telesales Agents Can Help Your Business With:

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Sales Calls

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Lead Generation

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Appointment Setting

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Customer Engagement

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Generating Brand Awareness

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Customer Research

Client Testimonials

Partnering with FMG can be game-changing for your business’ sales trajectory. Hear directly from our satisfied clients about their success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions? We’ve got answers. 

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our processes, strategies and how we can help your business grow.


What is B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is a direct marketing method used by businesses to specifically target potential customers over the telephone or the internet. At FMG, our trained agents are specialists in reaching out to those customers that really need your products or services.


How do you qualify the leads?

Our lead qualification process involves a multi-step approach. We qualify every lead based on specific criterias like their need, budget, authority and timeline. Only those that match your ideal customer profile are forwarded to your sales team.


What industries do you serve?

We’ve successfully catered to a diverse range of industries, including wineries, health services and products, logistics and transportation and automotive and many more. Our versatility and adaptability are our strengths.


How do you ensure the quality of leads?

Quality is paramount for us. Our team undergoes rigorous training to understand the nuances of different industries. Coupled with our state-of-the-art technology and meticulous screening process, we ensure that the leads you receive are of the highest quality.


Can I customise my telemarketing and telesales campaigns?

Absolutely! We believe every business is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor a campaign that aligns with your business goals. 


How do you handle data privacy and security?

Data privacy is a top priority for us. We adhere to all relevant data protection regulations and ensure that any information shared with us remains confidential and secure.


How soon can I expect results?

Building a steady pipeline of quality leads can take some time. You will see immediate responses during or shortly after calls, while lead qualification and appointment setting can take a bit longer. At FMG, we work dedicatedly towards providing you with the best results as quickly as possible.


What tools and technologies do you use?

We employ a mix of proprietary tools and industry-leading software to ensure quality lead generation. This includes CRM systems, data analytics tools and advanced communication platforms.


How do I get started with FMG?

Getting started is simple! Reach out to us via email or phone and one of our representatives will guide you through the process.

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