Forrest Marketing Group has re-branded to Forrest Contact

Higher Customer Engagement Rates with Multichannel Solutions at Forrest Contact

Higher Customer Engagement Rates with Multichannel Solutions at Forrest Contact Thanks to rapid digital advancements, customers now expect seamless interactions with businesses across various channels. To meet increasing demands, businesses sometimes need to re-strategise when it comes to providing smooth customer support across all platforms. A decade ago, being able to text a company for [...]

Industry Spotlight: How Different Sectors Benefit from Contact Centre Outsourcing

This is custoIndustry Spotlight: How Different Sectors Benefit from Contact Centre Outsourcingm heading element The use of external contact centres has grown dramatically over recent years, with more and more companies looking to outsource some or all of their customer service operations to external contact centres. The reasons for this are varied but include long/growing [...]

Market Research, Kone’s Case Study

Market Research Case Study “Forrest Contact provides KONE with a great independent survey service. They bring a breadth of skills and knowledge that generates thorough feedback. This in turns provides us with insights on how we can continue to drive successful partnerships with our customers.”. Dimi Rodopis, Sales & Operations Planning Manager Surveys Sent   [...]

Appointment Setting, Educator Impact

Appointment Setting   Educator Impact Case Study “We are glad that we decided to partner with Forrest Contact. From setup right through the campaign they were professional and responsive. They have worked with us all the way, delivered us really good results and we will continue to partner with them into the future”. Educator Impact [...]

Sales Lead Generation, NUS Consulting

Sales Lead Generation   NUS Consulting Case Study “We're using Forrest Contact to reach out to potential customers that we've never spoken to before. What really sets Forrest Contact apart is their agent's ability to understand our market and each potential customer's business needs. This means they go beyond just appointment setting and add real [...]

Market Research, Materials Handling Equipment

Market Research   Materials Handling Equipment Case Study Company Overview and Requirements Forrest Contact was retained by a leading provider of materials handling equipment. The objective of the campaign was to build a database of potential prospects & companies for our client in key locations, gain information on each company’s buying cycles, their current provider [...]

BCR Logistics, Quality Sales Leads & Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting & Sales Leads   BCR Logistics Case Study "Forrest Contact has proven to be a successful choice for BCR by continually securing appointments of a high standard and supporting our internal sales team. Forrest Contact is easy to work with, routinely displaying a consistent level of professionalism and providing flexibility to support the [...]

AutoCoding Systems, Lead Generation SAAS

Lead Generation for SaaS Companies   AutoCoding Systems Case Study “We are delighted with the results of our campaign with Forrest Contact. They have learned our business and are now an integral part of our sales process. We like the fact that not only do we have the agents making calls, but also an Account [...]