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AutoCoding Systems, Lead Generation SAAS

Lead Generation for SaaS Companies


AutoCoding Systems Case Study

“We are delighted with the results of our campaign with Forrest Contact. They have learned our business and are now an integral part of our sales process. We like the fact that not only do we have the agents making calls, but also an Account Manager to manage the entire campaign for us.”

AutoCoding Systems – Business Development Manager – Dean Rockstro

Company Overview and requirements

With its head office in the UK and subsidiaries in Australia and the USA, AutoCoding Systems provide a SaaS (Software as a Service) coding and verification system that automates the set-up of packaging line devices, avoiding coding errors and ensuring that packaging is always correct for all products.

AutoCoding Systems were looking for a professional lead generation provider who could introduce them to qualified prospects in their target markets. With a long sales cycle, they were looking for a long-term partner who would build their brand profile and secure sales leads for their sales team to meet with.

Our Lead Generation Solution

In conjunction with AutoCoding Systems, Forrest Contact designed a lead generation strategy to target organisations within the food & beverage manufacturing industry. Approaching senior operational decision makers our agents presented a solution that would increase production-line operational efficiency by reducing downtime, improving compliance with required Codes of Practice and eliminating costly packaging and coding errors on their production lines.

Two dedicated agents were trained on AutoCoding Systems’ products and work consistently to generate sales leads for their sales team to meet with.

Lead Generation Campaign Results

Over the first 8 months working with AutoCoding Systems, our team have presented their services to almost 5,400 business decision makers. Out of these, 73 qualified sales leads have been generated, along with a further 147 future opportunities with companies who are interested in AutoCoding Systems’ solution but are not yet ready to meet. These prospects will be followed up at agreed times over the coming months.
With a conversion rate of just over 5%, the team are generating one qualified sales lead every 5 hours.