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ERM Power


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ERM Power Case Study

“We have been very pleased with the work that Forrest Contact has conducted for us.  Their expertise and experience, along with their focus on creating a strong relationship between their lead generation agents and our sales team throughout the campaign, has been a key factor in its success.

The campaign has been an important part of our sales pipeline and the activity it generated has exceeded our expectations.”

ERM Power – GM Marketing and Customer – Mike Percy

The Requirement

ERM Power is the largest dedicated supplier of electricity to business in Australia, providing electricity and energy management services to government and to private businesses. ERM’s energy solutions help customers manage and optimise their energy use, reduce their energy bills and achieve their renewable energy targets.  ERM Power are renowned for their breadth of knowledge, thought leadership, innovation and expertise and are the business energy experts.

Although well-known and well represented in the electricity contracting market, ERM Power wanted to grow their reach in the energy management category using an outsourced lead generation company to generate sales leads and set qualified appointments for their sales team.

The Solution

Forrest Contact designed a lead generation strategy to target organisations that were highly energy-dependent, with resultant high energy costs. We assigned dedicated agents to connect with senior decision-makers interested in reducing costs, emissions and their energy footprint coupled with a desire to simplify and better manage their energy requirements.

With a thorough and ongoing training programme, our lead generation agents were able to represent ERM Power confidently and competently to present a complicated solution to senior decision-makers. Following a detailed conversation to understand each prospects current situation, we were able to set appointments with highly qualified sales opportunities. Sales leads were provided with information about current costs, challenges and strategies so that the ERM sales team had sufficient information to create a strong and convincing sales conversation.

The Results

In 458 hours of calling, our lead generation agents presented ERM Power to 714 businesses.  We have collected detailed information on prospects energy use, costs, and sustainability plans.  This activity generated 320 sales opportunities including both immediate sales appointments and ongoing engagement opportunities for lead nurturing.