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How an outsourced B2B lead generation agency can help to improve your sales strategy

How an outsourced B2B lead generation agency can help to improve your sales strategy
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How an outsourced B2B lead generation agency can help to improve your sales strategy

Research shows that the average salesperson spends just 22% of the week actually selling (Pace Productivity survey), so it’s easy to see why sales teams neglect their new business prospecting. Lead generation activities require focus; headspace and dedicated time, something that even the most organised sales professional can struggle to find sufficient room for in their schedules. And even your highest performing sales people can fail to see the value in it or might lack the expertise to generate results.This is where outsourcing your lead generation makes perfect sense. A dedicated SDR (Sales Development Representative) will speak with around 10,000 decision makers annually, so if just 5% of these conversations lead to a sales meeting, that’s 500 new opportunities for your sales team.  This activity also feeds a large pipeline of future leads, which is those prospects that are interested but not yet ready to buy, and who can be professionally nurtured through a sales funnel that keeps your organisation front-of-mind.

Lead generation done well, can help your incremental revenue because it connects your sales team with prospects that aren’t reaching you through other channels such as online or through advertising or campaign sources. Even if your products and services are perfectly aligned with the challenges of the organisations in your target market, there are reasons why they’re not coming to you:

  • They’re not proactively looking for your services yet
  • They may not know you exist, or that you have a solution to a problem they are experiencing, especially if you don’t rank well online for the search terms they use
  • In competitive markets, they may never approach you, selecting better-known competitors over you, or because they have a higher ranking website with better UX or a more straightforward call to action

Using an outsourced B2B lead generation resource connects you to these prospects, without adding pressure to the in-house sales team. SDRs working for outsourced lead generation providers take a different approach; they are experts at convincing gatekeepers to progress the conversation, building internal networks, uncovering opportunities and engaging decision makers in sales conversations. They expertly nurture opportunities until prospects are ready to meet your sales teams. This activity builds a healthy pipeline as well as immediate sales prospects, boosting leads coming into the sales team and improving brand awareness in your desired market.

Outsourcing to an expert means you don’t have to raise a business case to increase headcount, or train, manage and retain an employee. Lead generation agencies have teams of experienced SDRs which ensures you have a consistent, high quality resource who can hit the ground running and who can identify and rectify any issues in the prospecting approach without wasting valuable time.  When you resource this lead generation internally, it might take 2-3 months for you to realise that your recent hire isn’t getting results. If it’s not them, but it’s the approach you’ve asked them to take, that’s another issue for you to address, taking up more time and resource.

 Could your business benefit from outsourced lead generation expertise?

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