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Schindler Lifts

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Schindler Case Study


Appointment Setting & Outsourced Sales Campaign

Schindler Lifts partnered with Forrest Contact as they needed to contact over 9,000 of their existing customers within a short time-frame.

“The main differentiator with Forrest Contact, was the time they spent prior to commencing calls. Learning about the product, learning about Schindler, learning about the market, and then implementing it with their team, so that their team were confident in answering the questions that our customers were going to be asking.”

Schindler Lifts – National Sales Manager – Service and Repair – Peter Darley

The Requirement

Schindler Lifts needed to contact over 9,000 customers in a very short frame. They didn’t have the internal resources and capacity and didn’t have time to increase their resources to reach their target within the time-frame required.

The Results

The results of the initial outbound appointment setting campaign were quite dramatic. Both the sales targets, as well as a very aggressive budget, were hit. As a result of the success of the campaign, Schindler Lifts were able to reach their market quickly, leaving all customers with a professional, high-quality customer experience.

Over 930 hours of calling, we spoke to over 3,300 decision makers and booked 2,444 meetings for the Schindler Lifts Sales Team.