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The secret weapon of high performing teams

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The secret weapon of high performing teams

Here are our 10 reasons why we believe you should invest in training

A high performing team doesn’t just happen. It takes time, a steep learning curve (and perspiration) to build success. A crucial part of accelerating this process is training and development. Training is essential for individual confidence and empowerment, which naturally leads to business success. Well-trained employees feel secure in performing their role, coaching their teammates and handling even the most complex customer scenarios; that’s the power of skills development; it’s the gift that keeps giving.

Businesses that fail to invest in their people have higher turnover, fewer longstanding employees with years of service and, in my experience, a less pleasant culture.

Dependent on the requirements for your particular sector, training provision can range from broad-brush generic programmes that tick off a nice compliance requirement. Or, they can represent a real investment in individual development that helps your team members learn, grow and deliver better quality day in, day out.

Then, there are the naysayers who don’t believe in spending money on training for fear their staff will leave. This attitude is akin to ‘I won’t maintain my car because I don’t want it to benefit the next buyer’. It’s never a waste of money to invest in your people! It does quite the opposite and inspires loyalty and reduces turnover. If you don’t train your employees, it’s not only damaging to their confidence and morale; it reflects poorly on your business, limiting your ability to deliver for your customers.

Here are our 10 reasons why we believe you should invest in training:

1. Setting a standard: A well-developed training programme puts your team on the same page, where everyone understands the processes, the KPIs and where to find resources. When everyone knows what’s expected and how to deliver it, it’s far easier to create an environment of consistent best practice and success.

2. Quality assurance: Regular training maintains standards and reinforces an environment of consistency, where all your people can deliver to a high level.

3. Staying on top of compliance: Some topics are boring but necessary evils. Engaging training programmes can mitigate this issue and make sure your people understand what it means to be compliant. The knowledge sticks, so their behaviour is embedded in their daily actions.

4. Increases team motivation: Confident employees are empowered with the skills and knowledge to do their jobs well, which directly impacts motivation and productivity. This environment breeds success and camaraderie; people have the confidence to discuss challenges openly, secure in the knowledge they’re doing a good job.

5. Bridge skills gaps: If there are areas you need to address, training can help you create a supportive environment to share knowledge and ensure everyone has solid foundational knowledge. The changes we saw in 2020 have resulted in an even greater focus on digital skills, 90% of executives are anticipating a future skills gap.

6. Increases collaboration: Teams that share skills and learn from each other are more successful because they bring fresh perspectives. There are fewer communication barriers, and people work together rather than in silos. The shift to remote teams has made this even more essential, with communication skills in higher demand than ever before

7. Happier, more engaged employees: The Covid-19 pandemic has increased burnout and but has also placed a greater emphasis on wellbeing. Businesses that invest in training and development increase workplace happiness, which positively affects productivity and overall ROI.

8. Boost sales and profitability: Great salespeople need resilience, especially in the current landscape. Training can help build individual accountability, self-awareness and the robust attitude required to succeed in challenging times; these skills lead to greater success, increasing team happiness and overall profitability.

9. Unlocks potential: Growing your talent allows you to shape leaders that inspire teams and support your culture. Through developing your people’s talents and skills, you could uncover unexpected future business leaders.

10. Inspires loyalty and reduces turnover: Employees who feel their company is invested in their career and their journey have greater loyalty. Companies rated highly on employee training saw 53% lower attrition (see on LinkedIn).

We’re big advocates of employee training and development; it’s how we’ve built such a strong team of professionals, many of whom have been with the business for years. If you’d like to hear more from us on building high-performance teams, follow us on LinkedIn.

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