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As Australia’s best B2B Lead Generation Company, we’ve been generating qualified sales leads for many of Australia’s biggest brands since 2006, helping them to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Forrest Contact is Australia’s most respected B2B lead generation company.

We help businesses achieve their sales and marketing targets by speaking with potential prospects and generating a consistent supply of qualified sales leads for their sales teams.

Every year our lead generation team generate qualified sales leads that turn into millions of dollars of revenue for our clients.

Our Australian-based lead generation experts are skilled sales professionals who specialise in opening conversations, building rapport and uncovering opportunities.

We make thousands of cold calls each week.  Every call is an opportunity to present your product or service, uncover needs and stimulate interest.

Our appointment setting campaigns ensure your sales team spend more time in front of qualified prospects selling and closing.

Our appointment setting campaigns are an incredibly effective way to increase your sales conversions. We put your sales team in front of qualified sales prospects so they can be focused on closing deals rather than cold calling.

Benefits of B2B Lead Generation Call Centre Services

Capture Leads

Outsourced lead generation is a proactive sales approach that adds new prospects to your sales pipeline consistently

Generate Interest

Our lead generation experts can generate interest in a new product or service, or introduce you to a new target market

Qualify Leads

Sales leads are qualified based on need, budget, authority and sense of urgency

Nurture Leads

Lead Nurturing develops and maintains relationships, so prospects stay in your sales pipeline till they are ready to buy

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