Forrest Marketing Group has re-branded to Forrest Contact


Premium Wine Sales

Increasing Revenue for Wineries with Forrest Contact’s Innovative Wine Sales Services
We help wine producers in Australia and New Zealand build brand awareness, while delivering millions of dollars in wine sales to our
clients every year.

Australia’s leading contact centre, now using its expertise to drive wine sales for wineries in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our results-driven sales team members are experts at delivering sales. Now we are bringing the same zeal for building lasting connections with consumers, creating brand awareness and driving business growth for your winery. 

We operate as an extension of your internal team and understand the importance of direct engagement with your customers. We tell your story, weaving the fabric of meaningful and constant engagement using our direct-to-consumer approach. 

We innovate and think outside the box to engage your customers and take them on a journey with you. We just don’t run a standard two/three phone campaigns per year, we work with you to develop creative solutions that build greater brand loyalty and close personal engagement.

Our Direct-to-Consumer Approach: building lasting connections that lead to higher conversions and greater sales.

Our Wine Division was established in 2023, due to demand for innovation within the direct-to-consumer wine sales market.

Direct communication with customers harnesses the power of conversation, one of the most valuable channels for driving customer engagement and sales in the competitive wine sales industry. Our Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) phone campaigns are customised to improve  your winery’s outreach plan, driving engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, sales. Our campaigns form an important part of your overall marketing and sales strategies.

With a team of experienced wine professionals and a deep understanding of the wine industry, we make sure we develop genuinely engaging conversations with your customers.

Benefits of DTC Phone Campaigns

Building Better Brand Visibility

Maximising Conversion Rates

Identifying Additional Selling Opportunities

Creating and Maintaining Lasting Relationships

Our Services

Curate & Segment Your Database
Conduct a thorough segmentation of your customer database to ensure calls are personalised and relevant to each customer segment. We customise messaging based on customer preferences, purchase history, and engagement levels.

Dedicated and Relevant Campaigns
Carry out specific sales campaigns focused on special events such as new vintages, releases, and important winery occasions such as tasting events. Nurture Customer Relationships We create an atmosphere of genuine connection, providing your customers with a memorable and personalised experience.

Members Club Upsell Campaigns

We conduct special campaigns to drive more revenue and increase
engagement with your customers. These help in showcasing exclusive
benefits, offers, or experiences at your winery to entice new members and encourage upsells.

We offer our services to all wineries in Australia and New Zealand in both AUD and NZD. We also engage with wineries’ Cellar Door customers in England or the USA through our sister company in the UK.

Why Choose Forrest Contact Wine

All-Around Transparency

All revenue is banked through your payment gateway using the gold standard method in PCI compliance. We reconcile weekly and invoice based on each week’s activity. This ensures total transparency on every transaction while customers receive credit card statements with the name of your winery.

Guaranteed Conversions

Our insightful DTC approach to wine sales ensures higher conversion rates per contact, meaning fewer calls to deliver the same dollar value in sales for your winery.

Winery Expertise

Our wine sales team brings a world of expertise to your campaign. With extensive experience in the wine industry, our wine sales team understands the unique challenges and opportunities wineries face in today’s market.

Memorable Connections

We are dedicated to fostering meaningful and lasting relationships with our winery clients. Our commitment to delivering unmatched customer satisfaction is paired with our customised wine sales solutions that drive sales to your business.

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