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8 Steps To The Perfect B2B Sales Pitch

The perfect B2B sales pitch

What is the perfect B2B Sales Pitch? When you work in sales, your goal is to connect with relevant people and convince them of the benefits of your product or service.

How to close a B2B sales call

How your outsourced lead generation activity can bring a 51% increase in your sales leads over December and January.

The Fine Art of Telemarketing

How do you build rapport with prospects over the phone without body language which accounts for 55% of our communication effectiveness? Here are my top 10 steps to building rapport & trust:

4 reasons why you should become reacquainted with conversation

Reacquainted with conversationWhy you should become reacquainted with conversation Good conversation is a skill that’s becoming more and more rare. Even though we’re in the age of technology, increased texting and emailing means that we’re at risk of becoming more disconnected than ever. And this isn’t just bad for society, it could also have a negative impact [...]