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The B2B Sales Clinic with Forrest Contact/FMG & The Sales Dr, 16 March 2021

The B2B Sales Clinic with Forrest Contact/FMG & The Sales Dr (March 2021)

Rewatch Managing Director, Richard Forrest’s, 30 Minute B2B Sales Clinic Webinar with Ingrid Maynard, Founder and Managing Director of The Sales Dr.

2021 is the year of recovery. After a year of adjusted budgets and targets, sales leaders know they must lead the financial recovery for their businesses. The pressure is on. But what do sales teams need to do in 2021 in order to realise the growth their organisations expect from them?

Targets might be back to 2019 levels but the market isn’t:
– Customers are working from home
– There are rotating shifts to work from the office
– Some industries have shrunk, others have grown exponentially
Where does that leave salespeople?

In this conversation, Richard and Ingrid explore what 2021 requires of sales teams and leaders, and what they can do to set themselves up for what could be their best year yet.

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