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The Future of B2B Sales Growth

McKinsey & Company has published a great article predicting a number of sales trends revealing how sales teams will need to adapt their B2B sales strategy to be market leaders in this evolving sales environment.B2B sales has evolved to be data-driven, enabled by digital tools, underpinned by advanced analytics, and focused on truly understanding the customer.

Radical changes in buyers being more content-driven and technically savvy will see a sharp reduction of field sales and marketing teams, and rapid growth of inside sales and analytics teams.

In the new world of subscription-based business models, sales need to be won every month, quarter, and year. As a result, customer-relationships are increasingly more valuable.

Transforming B2B Sales Strategy

Winning in B2B sales over the next five to ten years will require transforming sales strategies around 3 key principles:

1. Engaging customers the way they want to be engaged

McKinsey research shows that speaking to a salesperson is still the highest preference in B2B sales with 76% of buyers wanting to speak to a salesperson when researching a new product or service and 52% for repeat purchases.

The ideal channel to engage B2B customers depends on whether they are making a first-time or a repeat purchase.

2. Using advanced analytics to drive sales strategy decisions

The most data-savvy sales organisations are combining sales, customer, and HR data to understand distinctive sales performance to identify the best sales people and allocate them to their most strategically valuable accounts.

3. Continually investing in finding and developing sales team talents

Most organisations don’t believe they have the right sales talent.
Fast-growing companies invest significant time and resources in training their sales talent.

You can read the full article by McKinsey & Company here.

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