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Contact Centre Report 2018

Forrest Marketing Group Contact Centre Benchmark Report 2018
Forrest Marketing Group Contact Centre Benchmark Report 2018
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Contact Centre Benchmark Report 2018

Published 1 April 2018

Fifth Quadrant’s have released their 2018 Benchmark Report. This report explores the current strategic, operational, people and business process issues within the contact centre industry.


Key Insights

143 Contact Centre Managers and executives throughout Australia were surveyed. The respondents came from a wide range of industries. These included Government, Health, Education, Financial Services, Utilities, Telecommunications and Consumer Products.

The report revealed the following

  • Almost three-quarters (73%) are striving to improve customer experience.
  • Additionally, nearly a third (31%) claimed they lacked sufficient resources to meet the businesses needs.
  • Furthermore, almost half (45%) were struggling to improve efficiency.


Outsourcing Call Centre Services

  • Almost a quarter of organisations are outsourcing some of their contact centre functions to third-party providers.
  • Over three-quarters (78%) of organisations that outsource, are using on-shore providers.
  • Less than a quarter (18%) of organisations that outsource use offshore providers. The most common countries being Philippines and India.
  • It is expected that outsourcing  will grow in 2018. This will mainly be using on-shore providers.


Telephone for support is still king

  • Although the proportion of contacts handled via telephone channels has decreased. It has done so at a significantly slower rate than expected (3% decrease since 2014). This demonstrates an ongoing preference for voice interaction by Australian consumers.
  • 71% of all customer interactions in Australia are handled via the telephone.



If you’re short on time or don’t want to purchase the whole report. Here is an infographic Fifth Quadrant have put together with some of the key findings.


Contact Centre Report 2018


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