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FMG Recruitment Industry Case studies

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FMG Recruitment Industry Case studies

Many businesses struggle to generate a consistent number of good quality sales leads to enable them to achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives. Recruitment and employment agencies are no different.

At Forrest Contact we can support your sales or business development team generate qualified sales. We do this through generating leads, opening sales conversations and setting appointments. In the past year, we’ve uncovered sales opportunities resulting in millions of dollars of new business for our clients. Selling on the phone is what we do. We have the specialist expertise to help you begin a host of lucrative new business relationships.

Forrest Contact have worked on thousands of campaigns covering a wide range of industries, products and services. Recruitment and employment services is one area we have had plenty of experience in, from global leaders in talent management, niche industry providers and executive search experts.

In recent times Forrest Contact has worked for numerous recruitment and employment agencies and consultants. We have completed over 3,000 hours of calls for these clients. Our main focus is on booking face-to-face appointments to discuss their services.


A Global Leader in innovative talent management solutions

A global leader in talent management came to us looking to expand their offering into a new niche. As this was a new market, they needed assistance in introducing their services to the heads of large HR departments. The aim was making face-to-face appointments for their sales staff.

Forrest Contact constructed a lead generation and appointment setting strategy, using our wealth of experience in this market. The services being promoted were workforce consulting and supply chain talent management. Over the initial 200 hours of calls,  Forrest Contact booked 50 face-to-face appointments. Additionally we engaged 51 other contacts who had a need for our client’s services, but were not yet ready to meet. Future call backs were scheduled with these contacts.  Now, instead of wondering about a new niche market our client has experienced substantial growth. They are  focused on developing these new relationships and closing sales.


Leading recruiter in the transport, logistics, resources and supply chain sectors

Our client is the leading recruiter in the transport, logistics, resources and supply chain sector. They are brilliant at placing the right candidate, however were struggling to grow their client base. Most of their business was coming from their existing client base and referrals. They wanted assistance with introducing their business to brand new contacts.

Outsourcing sales was new to our client, but we guided them through the initial set up and started making phone calls. The campaign was a huge success, with an ROI of over $13 in new sales revenue for every $1 invested with us. As a result, Forrest Contact has since completed almost 1,800 hours of calls over several years, booking 658 face-to-face appointments with qualified prospects Australia-wide. Additionally over 540 ‘stay in touches’ were recorded. These were contacts who did not have an immediate need but were happy to have a call back in the future.  With a healthy stream of new business, finding new clients is no longer an issue and their team can focus on what they do best: closing sales.


Casual labour-hire specialist

This specialist in blue collar casual labour-hire had always had success with their large major clients. They were looking to extend their reach into the small and medium enterprise (SME) market to minimise their risk of losing a major client and to increase sales revenue and profitability.

Forrest Contact customised a lead generation campaign focusing on SME organisations within specific industries where casual labour is always needed. This included warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, food processing and commercial laundries. The directive was to book appointments with MD’s, CEOs, Operations Managers, Warehouse Managers and HR Managers. In the first 340 hours of calling, we booked 98 face-to-face appointments for our client to meet with. Our client now has a more balanced mix of customers working with them.

New player in Executive Recruitment

Forrest Contact was approached by a new player in the competitive area of Executive Recruitment. Our client knew they needed help with introducing their business to new prospects. They had a unique value proposition they could explain once face-to-face with clients. However needed assistance in finding the right prospects and making the appointments.

We quickly demonstrated that outsourcing the lead generation to us was the right decision. In the first 330 hours, Forrest Contact had put our client in front of 88 new prospects. Our client could now focus on the face-to-face meetings where they could explain their unique value proposition, close sales and form long term relationships. They no longer needed to worry about where their leads would come from.