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Appointment Setting


GraysOnline Case Study

“Forrest Contact have been absolutely fantastic in understanding our business, understanding what we want to achieve and making it happen. The fact that they have all the right people in their business in the right roles and they have all the data for us to be able to ascertain what’s working and what’s not, just makes it fantastic from our perspective.”

GraysOnline – General Manager (NSW Industrial) – Josh Sanders

The Requirement

GraysOnline has helped buyers and sellers connect for nearly 100 years, selling more than 120,000 items each month to businesses and consumers.

GraysOnline had grown significantly over recent years and were looking for new ways to grow the business further. They also wanted to restructure the company to have BDM’s developing business rather than cold calling.

GraysOnline engaged Forrest Contact to generate as much new business as they could and as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.



The Solution

Forrest Contact designed an appointment setting campaign to target key verticals that were highly likely to have excess stock.

We assigned dedicated agents to find senior decision-makers interested in generating revenue from selling their excess stock and pitched GraysOnline as a beneficial solution.

Forrest Contact has consistently generated 10 – 15 new qualified appointments for the GraysOnline BDM’s each week.

The Results

“The main benefit was getting our BDM’s to focus on developing business rather than cold calling, which meant we could really drive our business as we had the right people doing the right things.”

GraysOnline recognised there were tangible benefits of the leads generated as well as the intangible benefits of building positive brand awareness.

In 3,085 hours of calling, our appointment setters presented GraysOnline to 13,491 businesses and booked 1,716 appointments.

GraysOnline recognised there were other positive benefits, through their lead generation partnership with Forrest Contact:

1. The market intelligence of businesses in aligned industries provided valuable insight to GraysOnline.

2. Having professional lead generators talking to aligned businesses about Graysonline, promoted the GraysOnline brand and the personal conversations created a positive experience.

3. Forrest Contact’s online portal provided GraysOnline with a huge amount of information, reporting real-time data and analytics.

Would you recommend Forrest Contact?

“Absolutely. I think the experience with Forrest Contact has been fantastic”.