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How to motivate your sales team in 2021

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How to motivate your sales team in 2021

New Year traditionally marks new beginnings. It’s the time when we have the motivation to face the blank page, take on a new challenge and make meaningful and lasting changes. After a year like 2020, it’s likely that many people will want to double down on this sentiment and embrace a fresh start and your sales team are no different. It’s worth noting many sales professionals are confident players, thriving when they’re on a winning streak but struggling when they are down on their luck.

Communication and culture make the difference

Sales is a fast-paced and challenging environment. To achieve success, teams need to be united by a positive culture and motivated by common goals that galvanize team spirit. For your team to feel as motivated and engaged as they can possibly be, it’s important for management to show their gratitude and recognize the hard work they deliver every single day. Keeping these communication channels open between leaders and the sales team can go a long way to creating a winning culture, where people feel empowered to speak their mind and do their best work.

Get to know your team’s motivations

Even the most enthusiastic sales professional can experience fluctuating motivation levels, on any given day for a number of different reasons. Effective leaders accept and recognise this phenomenon and take the time to learn what motivates and inspires their team. Salespeople aren’t numbers, they’re individuals with different drivers, pressures and commitments. Nobody can come to work and leave everything behind, they can however use their empathy to become even better at their job, provided they’re in a supportive work culture.

It’s important for managers to try to understand team members on an individual level; what motivates them, what challenges them, and where do they want to get to? From there, it’s possible to map out a progression plan with them, giving them motivation and a pathway to success. If they can see how to practically achieve that promotion or smash what seems like an impossible target, they’ll likely feel more engaged.

Fire up some healthy competition

Within sales environments companywide incentives are a tried and tested way to generate healthy competition and inspire high performance. Your sales teams might be working on different accounts and campaigns at one time. It is therefore important to create and devise fair incentives for your team. Perhaps by running a friendly competition that rewards activity or leads based metrics, where the top performer earns a duvet day, a cash prize or a voucher.

Motivation isn’t all about cash prizes and vouchers. In the long-term it’s about enjoying what you do and who you work with. Small changes can make the difference, for example inspiring your team with daily buzz meetings that get everybody switched on and ready for the day.

Focus on success and share your plans to get there

After a year like 2020, where unpredictability became the fabric of everyday life it can be reassuring to come to work and focus on a shared goal. While it’s vital for you to understand what makes your team tick, let them into your world too, show them what you hope to achieve in the next 3 months, 6 months or maybe even a year. Unite behind your common goal, pledge to go on that journey together and celebrate the small successes along the way.

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