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Jayex Telemarketing Case Study

Forrest Marketing Group and Jayex
Prospecting, lead generation and market research services for Jayex, from Forrest Marketing Group


Jayex Healthcare Case Study

“Just knowing that Forrest Contact’s team have the confidence to pick up the phone and make that initial call and have the kind of sales person who can go in there and nurture clients is great for us, and takes the stress off us. But we also know we are handing this part of our sales activity to someone who we have confidence in to do a good job – they have proved this over and over again.”

Jayex Healthcare – Regional Manager – Michelle O’Brien

Jayex Healthcare provides technology to the healthcare sector including practice needs, with patient systems integration and development, online appointment booking, and business intelligence and reporting.


The Requirement

As a relatively new entrant to the Australian market, Jayex healthcare was looking for a telemarketing company to help introduce their business and solutions to healthcare practice managers. For Jayex, it was critical to partner with a company who could understand their technical solutions and represent their business confidently. The Jayex business model is built on trust as they sell long term contracts, and it is critical to establish this trust from the very first point of contact.

“The team at Forrest Contact really wanted to understand how our product worked, what the benefits to the end-user, the practice, were.”

The Solution

Forrest Contact spent a great deal of time getting to know the Jayex business model, their solutions, their target market, and how we could deliver results that would help them achieve their targets.

We selected dedicated agents with the skill set and personality best suited to relate to the target market, to build trust and rapport and generate interest in a new technology solution.

The Results

Jayex has a sales cycle of 6 – 8 months, so this campaign strategy was to build a pipeline of opportunities for their BDM’s to nurture. Forrest Contact was able to open the door and introduce the Jayex solutions to hundreds of practice managers. We were able to generate interest with many businesses and uncovered many opportunities, including a meeting with a big corporation that Jayex wouldn’t have thought to seek themselves.

Over the first part of the campaign, we conducted 209 hours of calling, pitch the Jayex solutions to 867 key decision-makers and secured 109 sales leads as well as building a database of interested prospects to nurture.

Jayex’s whole business is built on trust, so for us, it’s not just about making the sale because we sell ongoing services. Our prospects need to be able to trust us from that first phone call, so we need to work with a company that can build that trust. Forrest Contact work as an extension of the Jayex team so our prospects are not even aware that we are outsourcing our telemarketing.

Forrest Contact have delivered on our expectations, building us a pipeline of opportunities who have an interest in our solution.