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Market Research, Kone’s Case Study

Market Research

Case Study

“Forrest Contact provides KONE with a great independent survey service. They bring a breadth of skills and knowledge that generates thorough feedback. This in turns provides us with insights on how we can continue to drive successful partnerships with our customers.”.

Dimi Rodopis, Sales & Operations Planning Manager

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Company Overview and requirements:

KONE are a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. They provide elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle.

KONE were looking for a partner who could carry out an independent survey gaining in-depth analysis, specifically around the installation/handover stages of customer projects in the Australian and New Zealand markets. They needed a skilful and professional partner, who could act independently while emulating the values, skills and tone of voice of a KONE employee. They would need to be a skilled communicator able to use effective probing techniques to identify specific reasons that created a positive customer experience or outlined the challenges that were encountered in order to improve their service and customer experience.


Over a 6 month period, we sent out a total of 165 survey invitation to KONE’s customers. We used interview techniques that yielded honest and considered responses from KONE’s customer base, giving them specific and constructive feedback to highlight areas for improvement.
We also worked closely with KONE’s team to ensure our approach was working well for them and giving them the right level of anecdotal customer feedback, as well ensuring all KPIs were met. We also introduced processes and approaches to improve response rates and reduce abandoned calls, ensuring KONE achieved the maximum ROI from the activity that we delivered.


We achieved an average response rate of 75% from the 165 survey invitations delivered. The survey verbatim feedback was captured with great detail and was delivered coherently making the results extremely useful for suggesting potential improvements for KONE’s customers experience.

Forrest Contact and KONE Australia and New Zealand will continue to work together so that KONE’s customers feel valued, heard, and well served. They have received valuable feedback throughout this project—which they’ll now take it into account when developing new services in the future.

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