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Forrest Contact Lead Generation Survey Results 2020 (the COVID Year!)

Each year we survey our clients to measure the effectiveness of our telemarketing and lead generation services. We know that to deliver a return on investment for our clients, quality is far more important than quantity.  By surveying our clients each year to report the revenue our leads generated, we can be confident that our service delivers value and helps our clients achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

During 2020 most of our clients’ were heavily impacted by COVID, so you might think that surveying our clients in a COVID year would be asking for trouble. But the results, though lower than in “normal” years, were still strong with an average ROI of over $7 for every $1 spent with us.

We paused many campaigns while our clients assessed the pandemic’s impact on their business, but most resumed a few weeks/months later as business confidence picked up. All our clients reported seeing lower sales conversions during 2020 compared to previous years. However, it is extremely pleasing to report that many clients still reported that our campaigns achieved a very solid return, despite the difficult business conditions.  It just shows that you should not stop your lead generation – not even for COVID! 

Customer Experience

93% Clients rated their overall experience as reasonable, good or excellent

92% Clients rated our service and quality the same or better than our competitors

79% Clients believed that Forrest Contact really understood their business and requirements

83% Clients would recommend Forrest Contact

Leads Generated

Our lead generation campaigns delivered an average of 119 qualified leads for each of our clients.

78% Clients rated the number of leads as reasonable, high or extremely high

85% Clients rated the quality of leads as reasonable, high or extremely high

The average cost per qualified lead for our clients during 2020 was $210.

Sales Results

Our clients have already acquired an average of 35 new clients from our outbound lead generation services (excluding the additional opportunities which are still in the sales pipeline and expected to close).

54% Clients have already closed sales from sales leads Forrest Contact delivered

48% Clients still opportunities in their sales pipeline they expect to close sales over the next 12 months

Return on Investment

As of the end of 2020 and despite the impact of COVID, our clients reported a return of $7.15 in new sales for every $1 spent with Forrest Contact to generate sales leads.

The average cost per new client acquisition for our clients during 2020 was $754.

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