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Volkswagen Financial Services

Outsourced Customer Service Case Study

Outsourced Customer Service


Volkswagen Financial Services Case Study

“Forrest Contact has been working with VWFS since 2017. They handle a varying number of calls per week for us and consistently meet their SLA targets in all areas.

We have been very happy with the professionalism and flexibility that Forrest Contact has provided. As a result, we have recently engaged them to work with us for another term. They have built a strong relationship between their team and ours throughout.”

Volkswagen Financial Services Australia – Head of Operations – Steve Mifsud

The Requirement

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) had an existing internal customer service team to handle customer enquiries. Still, with a growing customer base and an increasing volume of customer enquiries, their customer service team were experiencing significant pressure.

As a result, they were not consistently meeting their target Service Level Agreements (SLAs). VWFS required an outsourced customer service team to take overflow calls, respond to customer enquiries and complete customer service tasks to maintain their service delivery promise.

The Solution

Forrest Contact assigned a dedicated team of Customer Service Agents and a Team Leader to the VWFS inbound campaign. VWFS trained our team on product knowledge to ensure call quality and customer satisfaction equalled their internal team’s capabilities.

Working from within the VWFS customer management portal, the Forrest Contact team operates as a seamless extension of the VWFS in-house customer service team. Call quality is monitored, and regular training is provided. Our agents are focused on creating a customer experience and representing VWFS’s core values.

With built-in redundancy, our team can react quickly to varying call volumes while continuing to meet agreed SLAs.

The Results

Our VWFS Inbound Customer Service Team responds to between 1,400 to 2,100 customer enquiries and sends between 1,200 to 1,600 emails each week. The agreed SLAs for calls answered and call handling time are met consistently.

VWFS has been so impressed with our professionalism and capabilities that they recently renewed their contract for another term.