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Sales Lead Generation, NUS Consulting

Sales Lead Generation


NUS Consulting Case Study

“We’re using Forrest Contact to reach out to potential customers that we’ve never spoken to before. What really sets Forrest Contact apart is their agent’s ability to understand our market and each potential customer’s business needs. This means they go beyond just appointment setting and add real value in every conversation.”

NUS Consulting Australia – Managing Director – Tony Hake

Company Overview and requirements

NUS Consulting Group is a global business process outsourcing firm specialising in energy management and sustainability solutions for energy-intensive organisations. Their energy management service supports and improves existing processes and systems, providing greater transparency and control over an organisation’s energy costs.

NUS Consulting approached Forrest Contact to improve the quality and number of appointments their sales team held with qualified prospects, in order to increase the number of sales they generated. Their long-term objective is to use our services as the main source/generator of appointments for their sales team.

Our Sales Lead Generation Solution

In conjunction with NUS Consulting, Forrest Contact developed a strategy to contact organisations in specific States and in key target markets, specifically those that were likely to have high energy consumption and who are likely to be operating across multiple sites. Senior financial decision-makers were identified as the ideal contacts to target, as they have ultimate responsibility for reducing costs, energy consumption and emissions.

Forrest Contact assigned two experienced agents to make calls for NUS Consulting. These dedicated agents were provided with initial training by NUS Consulting on their capabilities and offerings, as well as on the market that they are calling and the challenges that prospect organisations are facing. They have been able to navigate around gatekeepers and the busy schedules of the target decision-makers to present NUS Consulting’s services clearly and effectively to these contacts in each organisation, generating qualified sales leads for NUS Consulting’s sales team.

Sales Lead Generation Campaign Results

Over the first 420 hours of calling, our agents have presented NUS Consulting to almost 700 decision-makers within NUS Consulting’s target markets and have uncovered 89 qualified sales leads for their sales team to meet with, which is a conversion rate of 12.9%. In addition, a further 271 future opportunities (decision-makers who are interested in NUS Consulting’s services but are not yet ready to meet) have been identified and will be followed up by our agents over the coming months.